The Nautilus was inspired by the film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but certainly doesn't aspire to look like a submarine. Starting life as a new Dean ML model, the Nautilus was fitted with a lexan border and feathered on the outer edge to give it the iron girder look. Our popular steampunk gear assembly with thick framework and a custom brass turned toggle switch decks out the upper wing.
An apparatus of scrollwork built from lexan, wood and steel adorn the "V" area of the guitar which sports a Nautilus submarine inspired porthole window complete with the classic domed steel cross. Inside is an inlaid blue plasma lightning dish where electrical effects jolt around from the center, either continuously or sound activated. The entire section is strutted with oak for a solid build. Brass and copper piping/fittings and custom wood scrollwork complete the structure.

The headstock is custom fitted with a lexan adornment which is reverse painted with the Dean logo, giving it a unique deep-set effect. The knobs have been custom made with genuine seashells, for the obligatory nod to the classic Jules Verne oceanic adventure that inspired it.

Hardware is brushed and weathered chrome with hand rubbed accents of copper. Real Rust accents every line of the guitar for that ultimate steampunk feel. Hope you enjoy the second offering from our one-of-a-kind Steampunk Series.

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