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Music names
"The Villanizer" #1 Steampunk Guitar; "The Nautilus" captures #3 position

We are honored to have name The Villanizer "the finest example of Steampunk guitar you will ever, ever see." Go checkout the story website by clicking the logo below.

Glowing words about "The Nautilus" from around the Globe...

People from all over the world really went head over heels for the "Nautilus", which was featured in WIRED magazine, and Brass Goggles, the steampunk informational hub of the 'net. Gizmodo the world's most kick ass gaget guide, did a write up on the killer undersea axe.

Also, the Villanizer was the featured Deviation on DeviantArt the internet's largest art gallery.

Coming Soon: Clippings from far and wide about some of the Thunder Eagle Guitars - including customer reviews!

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